A Mexico retreat of Self Discovery, Beauty and Mastery

Mexico City and on to the Magnificent BEACHES of the Oaxacan Coast

This Retreat is an Elegant Invitation for you, the experienced, mature traveler dying to be on the Adventure of a lifetime, to fill up a depleted well that has been emptied these last years by taking care of OTHERS! Time for YOU!

You’ve been dreaming of a life filled with creativity, exploration, and new experiences for these last 2 years. Now is the time to answer that call! Exploring Mexico at its best, the Art the Food, the people the Sun, the surf, the sand…

Your 5-star accommodations will spoil you in comfort and swank. The Happy Hour each night meeting new people from many countries. The dinners at fabulous restaurants will heighten your foodie gene.

The coast of Mexico will mellow you and the yoga will feed your body and hone your Presence and Spirit. This is an exciting STEPPING OUT that you’ll never forget. So what are you waiting for? Your creative passion is your calling.

OCTOBER 16-24, 2022


A Retreat to Relax, Soak in Beauty & Rediscover Yourself

This Retreat is an Elegant Invitation for you the experienced, mature traveler Dying to be on the Adventure of a lifetime, to fill up a depleted well that has been emptied these last years by taking care of OTHERS! Time for YOU!

The venue…

HOLA, Bienvenidos

You have arrived!…

Your camera feels like it is fighting its way out of your bag as you walk down the narrow, tree-lined streets on your Art Deco architecture tour in Mexico City. You thrill by the unimaginable beauty of these buildings constructed in the 1920s — a veritable boom of must-see examples of art deco architecture.

Walking up the marble steps to the grand, hand-sculpted gates, you stop to take pictures and capture the moment, experiencing every sense alive. You savor the enticing smells of fresh-cooked food wafting through the streets. As the music from an outdoor cafe rises above the sound of traffic, your body starts to move and dance inside-out. You just can’t contain yourself!

Minutes later, feeling a need for a little refreshment, you and your new friends breeze into a quaint little cafe on the corner of the Mazatlan Calle. You seat yourselves at a table with a lovely white tablecloth and order your first Margarita of the day. There, you share your photos and talk about your glorious days in Mexico City.

But this is only the beginning. There is so much more! As you anticipate your upcoming trip to Oaxaca together, you can feel the excitement rising. What a fulfilling journey, and what an exciting time to be alive!

Mexico City is so famous for its open Heart. You feel it.

Your room is simple and luxurious beckoning your relaxation, the gardens are filled with a variety of fascinating trees (hence the Red Tree House) there is a definite scent in the gardens you can hear the birds chatting away. This true oasis in the middle of the city was chosen especially for you. You feel warmed and happy you made the trip. The night is young. Get dressed.

The sounds of Mariachis ripple up from the street below as you sip your first Tangy, limey Margarita at the fabulous New Roof Top Bar overlooking the magnificent Parke Mexico in the most loved neighborhood of Condesa the view is breathtaking, we can see the twinkling lights go on, the cafes are lighting up. The night is falling in the city. People are strolling, Cafes filling enjoying the great outdoor nightlife and food

A Mexico retreat of Self Discovery, Beauty, and Mastery

How great would it feel to say YES to YOU for a change?


OCTOBER 16-24, 2022

Come and Remember Yourself

If you are a mature person who’s tired of taking care of others and dying for the adventure of a lifetime, then join me on this enlivening journey to beautiful Mexico, where you’ll experience extraordinary beauty and rediscover yourself as you fill up your depleted well and finally find time for YOU!

You’re in for a wild ride! Mexico is known to have an exciting vibe that will fuel your need for this adventure.


  • Isn’t it time to live full-on, step out into adventure, meet new people, soak in new cultures and learn new skills?
    You bet it is! On this retreat, you will step out of the mundane into the magical, warm, heady culture of Mexico. Who knows, you may even speak some Spanish, and you’ll definitely have loads of FUN bumping elbows with eager, like-minded travelers! How great would it feel to say YES to YOU for a change?
  • On this retreat, through carefully curated experiences of self-love and self-care, you will learn how to say YES to yourself consistently so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life. Just say YES to this retreat, and you’ll be saying yes forever after!
  • How awesome would it be to be able to SEE the beauty of life through new eyes?
    During our retreat, through explorations of the city, surf, sun, and food, your eyes will feast on all Mexico has to offer, leaving you to see the true beauty of life in a deeper and more delightful way! Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have a daily practice of breath and movement again?
  • Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have a daily practice of breath and movement again?
    While we’re together, through deep breathing practices and gentle but powerful yoga on the beaches of Oaxaca, you will come to feel loose as a goose and relaxed in body, mind, and spirit so you can enjoy your life’s journey as never be


with our host Stephan Gialleonardo he comes to our table to welcome us

We open the front door and walk into a different time and space.  The cool night breeze takes you and you breathe in deeply, it feels good to breathe so deeply.  Low golden lamp lights line the street.  Cafes are spilled out onto the sidewalks, you can hear music not far away. 

There is an informal ness amidst the polish.  You drop your shoulders and you soften … you will get used to this feeling.  

You are walking into Osteria 8 our Bistro for this night’s dinner with Stephan Gialleonardo comes to our table to welcome us and announce our menu for this eve.  How does a spectacular tagliatelle with chanterelles with lighter-than-angel’s-wings pasta, tossed with delicate slivers of golden mushrooms and bits of guanciale (a type of unsmoked bacon), good olive oil, and parmesan. Divine. And Wine, he chose that just for this dish.  Anyone up for sweet chewy, fried calamari. maybe a small delightful salad to begin.  Buen Provecho.   Bon appetite Welcome

This is just the beginning of our nightly dinner in our neighborhood satiating our foodie gene.  You are in for a wild foodie ride.  More foodie glory awaits us a the beach… seafood for days!!!

This is one of the promises made for you to say I am coming! Glorious FOOD!


By the end of this retreat, you will have intensified the beauty of your life inside out.!  You’ll find your sense of self and all that makes life worth living in a more expanded and delicious way; there’s no way you can’t be excited about what lies ahead!

The best part is how inspiring it was for you to say YES to 9 days of traveling together with wonderful people in Mexico while cultivating sassy and gaining confidence about what you will create when you arrive home. 

Delights, and Inclusions

Of course, no trip would be complete without your own time to shop and explore, and YES you will have time for scoping out the little jewels of boutiques on the Calle Amsterdam and Park Mexico. I will share some of my favorites.

You will be delighted in our Dinner sojourns, to the MOON! 3 Dinners!

Monday morning is our Architecture Tour Day through the Art Deco facades in Condesa and Roma from the 20s. Afternoon time for you to explore.

Tuesday morning is our Day for FOOD…we will visit the Famous Tuesday Tinangas. This famous Market goes on forever. The colored Tarps, the Music, the Crafts..the spectacular food, the amazing energy of an authentic century-old Mexican outdoor Market. Get your cameras out.

And not holding back, be prepared to be pampered to the heavens when we get to our Home on the Beach Casa Sol. With massage with a full Spa treatment.

Rooms with your own mini pool right outside of your boudoir. How’s that sound?

And Graced with your morning yoga Practice with Fabienne on the pool’s edge at the Stone Cottage. And many more surprises you will receive can’t tell you now but are the works.

Retreat Package


  • 3 nights 4 Star accommodations at the Red Tree House Mexico City
  • 6 Nights 5 Star accommodations at the Casa Sol on Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca
  • 9 Amazing Mexican Breakfast and the Mexicans put on a feast at Breakfast.
  • 3 Foodie Dinners in Mexico City, Using Nick Gilman’s “Good Food in Mexico” suggestions!
  • Transfers Airport from Mexico City to Huatulco, Airport on October 19, 2022, on the Pacific Coast.
  • Transfer waiting for us from Airport to Casa Sol, 40 min drive.
  • All Tours and Tips at our dinners in Mexico City.
  • And the Creme de La Creme, Some of the best Yoga in Mexico! The promise is “LOOSE AS A GOOSE”. AND HAVING FUN.


  • Your round trip airfare from home to Mexico City.
  • You round trip AirFare to and from The coast it is a 40 min flight around 100 dollars round trip. I will send all the information on that.
  • You Taxi from the airport to the Hotel
  • Other not included items would be, all alcoholic beverages, your shopping and Spa services, and Your dinners at the beach. Plenty of beautiful seafood to splurge in.
  • Personal, Medical, or Trip cancellation insurance.


  • Arriving in Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport on October 16, 2022, you get to the Hotel around 4 if possible.
  • A welcome gathering awaits you.
  • We will depart the hotel in Mexico City on Oct. 19, 2022, around noon for our flight to the coast. 40 min flight
  • Once we get to have our Pre-trip call you will know all the details of getting home. Simple.
  • Think about staying and traveling to Oaxaca City… or a few days in Mexico City on your way home. Just saying!

Your Host

Fabienne has come home to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico once again after traveling and teaching on the Coast of Mexico. The practice of yoga and Traveling are her passions and what she has chosen as her gifts to the Planet and the yogis who come to her studio here in San Miguel and on her Retreats.

With great care and intention, Fabienne leads transformative and experiential travel and believes it has a soul-stirring, heart-opening impact not just on you, but on others and our most precious Planet. It’s her passion to provide retreats and tours for travelers who want more out of life with their travels so they may create exponential change within themselves as well as be an example of freedom for others. It is important we pursue what brings us joy, laughter, inspiration and a feeling of expansion and accomplishment because when this happens everything else falls into place. We are MORE on returning home!

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